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We stock numerous Hydraulic fixtures: JIC, SAE EMPLOYER, Pipe, Flat Face, Compression and Metrics. As the sealing surfaces are flat and perpendicular toward construction pull, they stay practically without any distortion during assembly, providing Seal-Lok fittings practically limitless remakeability. First, they both need a different sleeve to be produced and affixed toward tube, increasing the price and complexity of producing the female part of the -ring seal flat face suitable.

Most metric and Kobelco threads are tube application capable due to a 24° tapered neck angle that exists within the male threads. Joinder part 12 may be formed by different tube forming techniques understood in art. The Seal-Lok fitting human anatomy face contains a higher durometer trap seal to maximise retention in a precision machined groove also called a Captive -Ring Groove (CORG).

Die 38 is rotated under second punch 56. This is certainly station 3 where in actuality the camming part 28 of pipe 14 is defined as depicted in FIG. Proper presetting could be accomplished manually making use of a hardened Ferulset device, the fitting body, or hydraulically utilizing machines like Parker’s Hyferset tool or Hydra-Tool.

These fittings decrease the wide range of elbows and connections required, especially in areas with restricted room. Many metric threads available from Adaptall are called double function,” meaning they are capable of pipe application along with port. All-metal fittings tighten more slowly, so technicians might have difficulty detecting when an association is tight enough yet not too tight.

When creating an ORFS connection, be sure that your -ring is properly seated in its groove. In one single kind of the female portion, the finish of a tube is flared to the stage of presenting a flat-faced annulus at the tube’s available end. This SAE Standard covers material, dimensional, and gratification demands of steel -ring face seal fittings for tubing and the -ring face seal interface and nut percentage of hose stem assemblies for nominal pipe or hose diameters 6.35 mm (0.250 in) through 38.1 mm (1.500 in).

Buy Male Seal-Lok Straight Fittings, -Ring Face Seal,#1J071 by Parker Hannifin , SKU: ci-8406-74603008 – Parker’s 1J071 fixtures can be utilized with 77C, 772 and 774 hoses. Face seal fixtures are utilized as end connections of industrial hose assemblies performing at high pressures and are also additionally found in critical cleaner applications, over an extensive selection of conditions.

This invention relates generally speaking to hydraulic hose fixtures. When the nut is tightened on the fitting body, the -ring is compressed involving the fitting human anatomy and the flat face associated with the brazed sleeve (or flanged tube end) to make a super taut, positive seal. This -ring is compressed against the flat face of female fitting for a drip evidence connection.

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